Accompanying cargoes

Safe transportation and accompanying of the cargoes of various designation.

Security on the way is required if customer is interested so that the cargo arrived completely and in good order.

ALMAZ Security provides services on accompanying cargoes at the territory of Kazakhstan and outside of its borders. System of accompanying the cargoes considering conducting whole set of actions for providing security. When arranging accompanying of the cargoes, company is performing serous analytical work: studying nature of the cargo, route (with indication of all addresses of receiving/transferring the cargo), opening a data base as per drivers, transport and other persons having relation to the cargo, coordination of the actions with client (during movement and as per organizational issues). Such service allows to avoid various unnecessary situations not necessarily connected with criminal impact.

Almaz Security is ready to provide specialists, transport, technical units and other opportunities on providing safe delivery of cargo to any distances. Divisions dealing with accompanying of cargoes is set of well-prepared specialists having required qualification and licenses for having guns. Depending on what objectives they have, they can wear a uniform or civilian cloth. The division is equipped with equipment, protection units, guns, communication. 24 hours per day working sole call center providing quick response to all possible threats. 


    We work in all regions of Kazakhstan