Physical and personal security

Physical security of the facilities is required for the stable functioning of the various types of companies. Main goals of which are: performing access control, security of properties, security of personnel and visitors, keeping public order, monitoring of situation at the facility, fire safety, prevention of the property abuse and terrorism actions.

Security Company ALMAZ SECURITY is preparing a concept and security plan of the facility, taking into consideration several factors such as location, quantity of personnel, sphere of business, possible risks, preferences of the client and etc. Specialists of the security company are developing optimal plan of security of Your company.

Personal security of the physical entities is performed by professional personnel of ALMAZ SECURITY that passed through special preparation. For providing reliable protection of the clients, specialists of the agency are using wide practical experience in this direction and having required skills on revealing and preventing all types of threats for the personal security of the client.

Advantages of working with

  • using in job personnel with work experience no less than a year in the sphere of security
  • all personnel hired officially
  • each security guard has a license
  • sufficient level of salary (higher than average level within Kazakhstan)
  • every month conducted trainings with personnel for improving qualification, departures to the polygon, passing special preparation abroad
  • concluded contact with the workshop on making male uniforms
  • each employee every hour contacting with the emergency call center for reporting about situation. No less than twice per day conducting sudden inspection of each post. At the objects with more than 3 people assigning a chief of shift.
  • individual approach to each client and estimation of the rates considering requests and preferences
  • more than 5 own mobile Quick response groups which providing armed support for the physical posts 24/7
  • personnel is equipped with all the protective and communication devices
  • respect and honesty to each client

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Special offers

“Anti-crisis” package

We implemented anti-crisis prices for protecting Your family and property!

Security of apartments only from KZT 3000!!!

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New service

With “Emergency call” service You can be quiet and not to worry about your older parents!

We will care about them instead of You and within shortest period will arrive to help!

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