Technical equipment of the facilities

Security Company ALMAZ SECURITY is always using new achievements in the sphere of security and protection of facilities. It allows to provide their high professional technical equipping.

Complex of the security systems includes:

  • fire alarm system
  • security alarm system
  • video monitoring system
  • access control system


Automatic security alarm system is widely used when equipping various types of objects (houses, production, warehousing buildings, institutions and etc.)

Purpose of the security alarm – absolute prevention of any illegal entrance to the secured room or territory. The basics of the security system is control transmitters which passing information to the central control point. And security alarm can be not only standalone system but can also function in set with other security systems of the securing facility.

Security alarm system allows to control the secured room or territory 24 hours per day.

Content of the minimum set for KZT 45 000:

  • Device
  • Accumulator battery
  • Contact reader
  • Magnet contact transmitter
  • Siren
  • Cable fixing materials


Alarm system is a device (at the large facilities – set of units), which allows to immediately pass alarm signal to the control rooms of the quick response divisions. Pressing the alarm button is an emergency call of the armed group, which will arrive to the object within 4-5 minutes within Astana. Immediate response is being achieved by means of readiness of several duty groups which patrolling the regions of the city.

ALMAZ SECURITY LLP provides services on development, installing and technical maintenance of the alarm system in Astana. If necessary the button of alarm can be integrated into the fire safety system.

Alarm button can be as wired transmitter or wireless sensor. It is often installed at the transport: cash in transit vehicles, trucks and private vehicles, apartments, houses, offices, stores and other state and private institutions. And the alarm signal is being transferred as a rule through radio or GSM line.

You can find information about the cost of installing alarm in the office, store, in the apartment from our operators.


Fire alarm system is complicated set of technical units which react in case of smoke, change of air temperature by means of special transmitters. Transmitters are passing alarm signals to the control panel, after which the signal immediately being passed to the fire safety control station. Automatic fire alarm system is being of various content. It depends on the type of facility.

Content of the set:

  • Fire heat alarm
  • Fire button
  • Fire panel
  • Siren
  • Accumulator battery
  • Device
  • Consumption materials


Video monitoring systems allow to perform video control over situation at the facility. Video monitoring systems are allowing to record video of occurring actions, control them and record them into digital or magnet carriers of information. Existing standard video monitoring system and computer systems of video monitoring. The last ones are considered most important and differ with larger functionality and at the same time simple use. Depending from the type of the facility, set of the video monitoring system varies. For example, when installing Video monitoring systems can use various types of video cameras.

Video monitoring system includes:

  • Video camera – a unit which is recording everything what is in process
  • Video register – device which makes record of the video and sound from the camera
  • Unit for transferring a signal from camera to the video register – it can be video cable or wireless receiver – transmitter.
  • Monitors of video control
  • Main goal of the video monitoring system – prevention of the illegal actions, identification of the violator and analysis of what happened.


Advantages of working with

  • best correlation of the prices and quality
  • service maintenance and guarantee for equipment for 12 months
  • technical support and monitoring of the facility 24/7/365
  • reliable, high quality, high level information, time tested equipment of the security systems. High speed of signal
  • possibility of rent of equipment/delay of payment
  • respect and honesty to everyone
  • individual approach to each client
  • professional technical specialists with higher education and work experience more than 3 years in this sphere

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