Satellite monitoring of the transport

Satellite monitoring of the transport – system of monitoring of moving objects built on the basis of the satellite navigation systems.

Systems of satellite monitoring of transport are resolving following goals:

  • monitoring includes identification of the location of the vehicle, its direction, driving sped and other parameters: consumption of fuel, temperature in the refrigerator and etc. Systems of Satellite monitoring of transport helping to the driver in navigation when driving in the unknown regions;
  • control of observing the movement schedule – estimation of the movement of vehicles, automatic estimation of the delivery of cargoes to the designated areas and etc.
  • collection of the statistics and optimization of routes – analysis of the passed routes, speed mode, consumption of fuel and other transportation units for determining best routes
  • provision of security – possibility of determining location helps to find the stolen vehicle. In case of the incident the satellite monitoring system helps to pass a SOS signal to the rescue services. Also based on the Systems of Satellite monitoring of transport, there are operating some systems of automatic alarm.


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